Upon starting a new website this is the first question you would ask Google.

From my experience here are the suggestions you need:

1) When starting a blog, your first choice should be Ghost, then eZPlatform and Wordpress;

A blog is not necessarily a real blog, but a blog type of site, which well may be a normal simple news site. In case you think about actually blogging, the best choice is Ghost. However if you assume a news site, I would rather recommend Wordpress for its extensibility.

2) Use Laravel, Yii, Symphony if you design a news site;

If you are about to start or redesign a news site, there is no way around frameworks like Laravel, Yii, Symphony. Unless you prefer Ruby on Rails. The strongest points of these will be the performance-to-customisation ratio, the highest in the class. News sites often require a lot of integration with 3rd-party services, and those aren't always easy with a Wordpress installation. Needless to say you can run any kind of project on such frameworks, but first ensure that no solution on the market can fulfil your needs. Such well-known websites like CNN, NBC, Bloomberg, do run custom solutions and these are either provided by specialised companies or developed in-house.

3) Of course, if your target is a web-shop, you ought to use Magento, Prestashop or E-commerce plugins to CMSes.

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is how will your site perform. So always go for a minimal system, that has only the necessary things to accomplish your goal. Otherwise many hours spent to optimise and speed it all up are guaranteed. And the speed is a ranking factor for Google.