In the modern age, being a technician is often a good choice, that leaves no chances to unemployment.

However, a competition in the market keeps growing, making withstanding it without a distinguishable personal brand increasingly difficult.

Development and marketing of such a product is no wonder and fails to differ from any similar activity that you would undertake for commercial goods or services.

I recommend to start from emphasising the outcome you wish to receive.

Some possible conversion ideas are:

  • Land a better-paid job or do a career level-up;
  • Get well-known for what-you-do to open-up new business opportunities;
  • Become someone else, take another career path;
  • Start your own enterprise;

For all of the above you should begin with a well-crafted LinkedIn profile. Do not stop at the profile itself, network with as many relevant specialists in the field of your interest, as you can. Connections are everything, do not underestimate them.

In addition, if you are going to attempt getting a job, prepare your CV, that describes you in the best light, especially important to mention the work you have successfully accomplished and where you have succeeded. You should sell yourself to your new employer. Just imagine, that you are currently going to hire someone and attempt to convince yourself, that the person would constitute a good candidate for the role.

Next, create a website, that sheds more light on you and what you are or want to be. A person, who has a comprehensive and easy to understand web-site, is deemed serious and focused. Especially if the site is professionally crafted with a tilt into your area of activity. Do not forget, if you wish to become someone else, do not target the things you actually do, or you will get marketed through them and will find yourself in a loop.

You should post only professionally taken photos on all your profiles, remember that: no background, neutral facial expression, wearing formal clothes. This makes you look confident and builds a trust to you.

Should I mention, that you must take care of all your other social profiles and ensure they do not contain anything, that could take you down? OK, then let's move on.

If you are a developer or a technician in general, it will not hurt to have a StackOverflow profile, which describes your professional story in-depth and provides more insight on your technical "Self".

GitHub is a very good supplement, frequently asked for when signed up for a professional programmers' network, so take care to place some projects there as well.

Last, but not least, learn to perform well in job interviews, by having a lot of practice.