Recently some web applications, reliant on Facebook API started to break. Especially those, working with live video content, for example fetching all streamed videos from your Facebook page's account.

In response to the situation, I have filed a bug, that was under a review for almost two months.

By the end of the review an issue had suddenly been resolved, but Facebook employees had no clue regarding what or how had affected the resolution.

In the beginning of September another API issue had emerged. This time a possibility to post to Facebook Pages even in a Development mode of your FB app has got removed for about 3 days.

I hope this article will be helpful for developers, who face numerous issues with FB's live video (or other) APIs and could not get their head around the situation.

Indeed, I find a lot of bugs in APIs of Facebook, things are working randomly or breaking for no reason. So do not rush to search for bugs in your code.