Cloud computing is a topic everyone has already heard of. Powerful data centres of tech giants like Amazon and Google, along with many smaller ones allow to host your own infrastructures inside.

For companies it means the ability to roll-out a no-matter-how complex environment and scale it virtually without a limit. If only your company outgrows public capabilities of a large cloud provider, which is anyway unlikely.

On the other hand, ordinary users that used to host their own servers in hardware form, can benefit from a migration into cloud, probably sparing on electricity and improving the availability, with no need to rely on a local Internet connection.

Those, who are new to the web, might find another good option that modern clouds allow. You can install any custom software, otherwise dependent on operating system and run it in the cloud.

For example, this blog, running Ghost was deployed with Bitnami in a few clicks.

Another possibility, if you have a good commercial idea of any service that does or does not exist yet, chances are cloud providers propose standardised solutions, that may become a core part, for you to build your service on. Anyway tech giants are interested to sell their resources and possibilities to you. It is already your part to place your business on top.

Modern ways of information delivery demand, that a system is ramped up as soon as possible, and then you decide if it satisfies your needs or not.

By the way, hurry-up, currently Google provides a generous $300 bonus for 12 month of your Google Cloud usage. This is more than enough to run a few VMs for free during the next year.